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The Awards

The main trophy was co-designed by the Trustees and crafted by Protocole of Montreal. ​It combines, lucite, polished aluminium, and a solid maple base. It's 40" high and weighs 180 pounds and is on permanent display at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.​


The graphic features an image of Jon Cornish (pictured), during the season he was selected as the winner of the Lou Marsh Award as Canada's most outstanding athlete.  The base of the award salutes Canadians who went on to star in the NCAA before the establishment of the award. 


The trophies the athletes keep are multidimensional, personal mementos that preserve a moment from a season to remember. 

Previous trophies were emblazoned with the Football Canada logo. Future keepers will feature the new Cornish Trophy logo.

The trophies were designed by Trustee Jim Mullin, and fabricated by Andrew Watson Design of Squamish, BC. 

Cornish corner view.png
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